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Military Powder Coating

Advanced Surface Finishing (ASF) is a certified provider of coatings including military specification coatings. Powder coating materials including fluoropolymer coating, epoxy, nylon, and polyester, polyester hybrids.

Applications are not limited to military use and include various mechanical and electro-mechanical assemblies, piping, aircraft and other vehicle parts, pharmaceutical hardware, generators, electronic cabinets, pumps and electrical conduit & connectors.

Here are several reasons why you should utilize our military specification powder coating:

Military grade coating

Our product can be used on tanks and a number of other military vehicles to protect them from corrosion and other chemical agents. Similarly, large factories or even theme parks can use them as well to ensure that their equipment is guarded against rust.

Environmentally friendly

We understand the commitment many have toward maintaining the health of the environment, so we take the necessary precautions to make sure our processes are harmless. Not only will our powder fight off rust, our military specification powder coating, unlike traditional wet paint, has fewer pollutants and is more environmentally friendly. Additionally, the application process is completed in an enclosed environment. This means that none of it will escape into the open air, eliminating risks environmental contamination.

Cost saving

Another benefit of applying the coating in an enclosed environment is that it is easier to collect any excess powder that has been applied. Compared to traditional paint, any leftover powder can be collected and used somewhere else, so there is almost no material wasted at all. In fact more than 90 percent of any powder that is over sprayed can be recollected, filtered, and used.


Even though we recycle our materials, they still go through a sieving process to take out any foreign objects and to ensure that the coating will still be high quality. Our powders can make uniform thick coatings that normal liquid paint can. The powder barely leaves any distinction or marks that shows stroke patterns. Powder cures quicker than liquid paint and because of the electrostatic cling it never runs during the curing process. It is hard to match the quality of powder coating that we can provide. Equipped with the most advanced tools, we create products that exceed the highest standards.

Whether you have an industrial, military, or commercial background, your equipment or products are prone to rust and other similar effects, you need to protect your pieces with the right powder. Using normal paint will not give you the quality or savings that our powder can, so choose the right coating material, choose ASF’s military powder coating.

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