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Powder Coating is a Green Technology

The main difference between powder coating and other more traditional coatings processes like liquid paints is that paints contain solvents.

As a result, the painting and curing processes of liquid finishes can generate air pollution and contribute to ozone depletion.  Even newer, ‘more environmentally friendly’ paints released on the market have problems with durability.  Also, a lot of agencies are mandating lower Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) emissions in the application of such mediums.

Powder coating offers a durable and more ‘green’ alternative especially since such service providers are running into the same compliance issues.

First and foremost, powder coating media does not contain any solvents.  Also, the curing process releases negligible VOCs and no collateral hazardous waste material (unlike solvent-based liquid painting that can create hazardous sludge as a by-product).

The dust produced by powder coating can be safely removed by exhaust filters in an enclosed environment thus posing no threat to the atmosphere.  This process also allows for the recycling of the powder coating media as it is captured and harvested for use again.

In additional to these general environmentally conscientious traits of powder coating, Advanced Surface Finishing is also positioning itself as a leader in the industry for an environmentally friendly facility with over 60% of our roof covered in solar panels.

The bottom line is that powder coating can offer an environmentally friendly and overall cost-efficient solution for your coating requirements.

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Green Technology Solutions
Green Technology Solutions from ASF Our clients expect the latest environmental standards from ASF. Ease of application through Green Technology practices enables us to offer solutions more efficiently than other finishers.