Nylon and Vinyl Powder Coating


Powerful and Durable

Nylon and vinyl powder coating are instrumental for adding strength and durability to cables in a wide range of applications across industries. By extending equipment life and easing processes, powder coating helps increase efficiencies, while its ability to reduce waste leads to cost savings.


Vinyl Coating


Vinyl coating is advantageous due to its ability to maintain flexibility in almost any outdoor environment. It has exceptional protection to UV and sunlight, and remains versatile and malleable in cold weather. It is also a more cost effective process than applying nylon coating.

Vinyl coating products can be used inapplications like:
  • • Sailing

  • • Security

  • • Towing

  • • General purposes

  • • Outdoors

  • • And much more!

Nylon Coating


A nylon coating is well suited for applications involving indoor cycles where strength and durability are important factors. The process eliminates gouges by enhancing rigidity, since nylon is a stronger coating than PVC or vinyl coating. Nylon coated cable also increases chemical resistance along with its physical properties.

Nylon coated products can be used in applications such as:
  • Acidic and corrosive environments (sanitation, sewers, wells, plants, etc.)
  • Pulleys (cables in conveyor belts, exercise equipment, etc.)
  • Indoor applications

A Wide Range of Uses

Plastic powder coating combines plastic particles such as nylon or vinyl and combines them with the substrate fusing the two to create the protective application.  Nylon coatings offer resistance to solvents, resistance to alkalis, abrasion resistance and low friction properties.  Vinyl coatings offer high tear resistance, durable weatherability, good tensile strength, alkali & acid resistance, and reduced surface slippage.  Vinyl is often used when thinner tolerances than standard PVC are required.

Nylon and vinyl plastic coatings are optimal for these additional uses:

  • • Appliance racks

  • • Wire forms and fabrications

  • • Wire seperators

  • • Outdoor furniture

  • • Wire shelving

  • • Bus bars

  • • Food handling equipment

  • • Medical equipment

  • • Marine applications

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