Custom Powder Coating


Here, at Advanced Surface Finishing, we offer high temperature powder coating that provides greater corrosion resistance against acids and bases. It also offers more protection against scratching, chipping, wearing, and fading than other finishes.

Our state of the art techniques can help effectively reduce VOC emissions and allow our clients to benefit from the superior performance and decorative value of our products. Applications for our best powder coating products include:

  • • As architectural powder coating for Gates, railings, fences, stairs, balconies, light fixtures, and the like.
  • • For electronics such as switches, control panels, conduits, brackets, housings, etc.
  • • For manufacturing machinery & other equipment.
  • • For powder coating wheels and other motorsports engine parts such as, frames, chassis, bodies, etc.


Our finishes can also be used for:

  • • Marine equipment and devices.
  • • Fishing and hunting gear.
  • • Household furniture and fixtures.
  • • Retail business implements such as display racks and shopping carts.
  • • Outdoor recreation equipment such as benches, playground equipment, and decks.

We are capable of custom powder coating products of your design in any ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Consulting service is available for proper coating and for the selection of the best powder coating colors. We accommodate part sizes of up to 9’ in W x 9’ H and up to 30’ L. Maximum part weight is 2 tons. Special packing, labeling, bar coding, minor machining & custom masking is available. Types of powder used include epoxy, polyester, epoxy polyester hybrid, polyurethane, FDA approved anti-microbial, thermoplastic, thermosetting, & U.V. resistant super durables (no acrylics). We have color manual spray booth capabilities with quick change color system for more efficient transition between different custom powder coating colors.

Our expansive supply web is able to supply us with every color and texture finish you desire. This is because we utilize multiple suppliers and powder manufacturing including but not limited to Tiger Drylac, Cardinal Paint, Akzo Nobel Coatings, and Sherwin Williams Company. We can even match custom colors.

Capabilities include coating of sheet steel, wire, tubing, extrusions, weldments & aluminum die-cast parts. Services include drop shipping in the NY Metro area, bar coding, EDI, in-house tooling and racking, color matching, prototyping, packing, labeling and equipment masking. The I-Beam conveyor system, is capable of process coating of any ferrous and non-ferrous metals; mild steel, tool steel, aluminum and stainless steel.  Equipment includes an iron phosphate pre-treatment wash, a dry-off convection oven.  Electrostatic spray guns & controls, stainless steel fluidizer hoppers & convection cure oven.

We measure for MILSPEC and test for curing.  Also, tests can include:

  • • #2 Pencil Test
  • • Scratch Test
  • • Impact Test
  • • Rub Test

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