Providing Quality Functional Powder Coating Services for Any Industry


Advanced Surface Finishing (ASF) is committed to providing the highest quality powder coating finishes to all our clients in any industry on time and at a competitive price. We believe that our customers deserve only the best from us, and as such, we've made it our priority to use state-of-the-art technology, enforce high quality control standards and utilize original equipment manufacturer products when providing functional powder coating services to all our clients.



ASF's Powder Coating Services


We have an extremely diverse customer base belonging to several industries such as telecommunications, automotive, military, medical and dental, and electronics, among others. As such, we have developed specialized solutions to be able to meet the high standards of each of our clients. The following are the services ASF currently offers:


Architectural – Our coatings provide the water resistance, scratch resistance and durability that any type of material or surface needs in order to sustain a longer-lasting finish. Our customers can choose from a wide variety of colors, glosses, finishes and textures to suit all their structural or parts requirements. Our six-stage pretreatment process and abrasive blasting ensure a long-lasting, quality finish whether it is on aluminum, steel or galvanized steel.


Nylon and Vinyl  – Standard PVC is almost often used, but if thinner tolerances are required for the finish, vinyl is the ideal coating to use. Nylon and vinyl offer durable weatherability, high tear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good tensile strength and reduced surface slippage.


Military – We are also a certified provider of military specification coatings including fluoropolymer coating, polyester, epoxy, and polyester hybrids and nylon.


Automotive and Motorcycle – Motorcycle and automotive parts that are powder coated will offer better resistance to fading, scarring, scratching and chipping, and will wear better than parts with other finishes. We also specialize in powder coating rims and wheels.


Specialty - We also offer thermal spray coatings for glass, metals, ceramics and plastics, and provide coating services on materials to lower wear resistance, protect against corrosion, improve gripping, and provide EMI/RFI shielding.


Medical and Dental – As a certified TIGER Drylac approved applicator, we also offer conformal coating services to the electronics, medical and dental, automotive, military and aerospace industries.


Custom Powder Coating Experts – We also accept custom  requests which require coating products of any design with any ferrous or non-ferrous metals. For this type of service, you can consult with us for proper coating and color selection. Part sizes of up to 9’ in W x 9’ H and up to 30’ L can be accommodated.


Insulation – ASF has clients working in every industry, so we also offer insulation coating in various epoxy, thermoplastic and thermoset formulations for different electrical applications. For thicker insulation requirements, we also utilize fluidized bed processes.


Electrical and OEM Components - ASF also serves clients in the electronics industry using TIGER Drylac products such as PTFE, FEP, PFA, nylon, polyester, polyurethane & epoxy.